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Interesting links, rants, and Africander Soundtrack research progress

New Making Fiends short is here! Go! Watch!

Also fer szandara:

Meet Blogger James Lileks who rants a little like you on the subject of perfect moms (although he's a stay-at-home dad). Also, meet his hero, The Slacker Mom, who also sounds like she's had a pretty long conversation with you. Heh.

Thank heavens. This supermom thing drives me nuts and I'm not even a mom.

Also, can someone please explain this?

So, I assume from this image I'm supposed to believe that the AARP, that bastion of liberal hotbeddism is for gay marriage and for killing U.S. soldiers? Really? I'm pretty sure my AARP-member parents would've mentioned that this was the AARP's sooper sekrit agenda (which you can only access once you're 55) if this was the case.

This will teach the AARP. Never, ever work with the criminal Bush Administration. You were willing to work with them for the pharmaceutical company welfare bill Medicaid Prescription Drug Cluster Fuck Bill. But, naughty naughty, you're opposing the Social Security privatization bill, so Rove and company (re: the Swift Boat Veterans for Lies Truth) are coming after you.

Here's hoping the weight of angry grey-haired citizens will crush this like a bug.

By the way, this Social Security thing? Lies, lies, and more stinkin' lies. There's nothing wrong with Social Security that a little tinkering around the edges wouldn't fix, like raising the Social Security tax cap so income over $90,000 is hit with the tax and that money gets tossed into the fund. (Anyone notice how Social Security was fine by the time Clinton left the White House but now it needs to be put out of our misery like it's a rabid dog?) It is not on the verge of bankruptcy. It's not going to go away in 20 years, and that's even if we do nothing. Plus, this privatization thing is nothing more than a big giveaway to investment firms. We privatize, our benefits are going down.

And, I feel the need to be a selfish bitch here, but something else: Sooner or later, the "my money" mindset is going to come in, sort of in the same way it's come in for 401(K)s, IRAs, and other assorted retirement saving schemes. People are going to want to borrow that money they're paying into their little private account. And you know the jelly spines in Washington will eventually pass a law letting people do just that. People start borrowing their money from their little private accounts to buy whatever or pay off whatever. On top of the loss of capital in the account, there's also loss of interest, plus fees and penalties that are dinged against the account (same thing as what happens in the case of 401(K)s and IRAs). Overall, the savings goes down.

However, 401(K)s and IRAs are private accounts with private money. If someone chooses to borrow against these accounts, they're just hurting themselves. They still have Social Security as the safety net when they retire.

However, we privatize Social Security and then we turn around and let people borrow against their "private" accounts (remember, this is the "ownership society" and people will think this is "their" money instead of a pot of money invested for the commonweal, which is what Social Security is supposed to be), we're gonna have a lot of destitute seniors on our hands.

And who do you think is gonna have to bail them out? C'mon. Guess. You know you wanna.

That's right! The people who don't borrow against their IRAs and 401(K)s and who invested their private money wisely and who tucked the pennies away even on those days when we were digging in the couch cushions for loose change so we could buy a stick of gum so we'd have something to eat that day. The ones who won't borrow against their Social Security money if Bush's stupid-ass, irresponsible Social Security privatization scheme goes through.

But here's the win situation. You can't let elderly people (or any people, really) starve on the streets. That's not what a good, healthy society does. So, those of us who are responsible people with our money and retirement investments will get stuck paying for the stupidity twice-over.

How do we avoid this? Easy. Fight against "privatization" (re: killing) Social Security. Stop these assholes in their tracks.

People who are interested in comprehensive Social Security coverage, please check out Talking Points Memo and The Social Security Network.

Anyway, on to more pleasant subjects.

I have to tip my hat again to huzzlewhat and her Seeing Africa for the sheer amount of research she put in to that story.

I've been organizing research and notes on my upcoming Africander Soundtrack full of World Music goodness to put in the storyline/linear notes and it's been pretty insane. My inner researcher addict is getting off on the Web sites and home access to the library network's magazine articles database.

I've been researching and reading about the Dogon in Mali far more than is entirely sane or healthy for the past few days. I made reference to this tribe in Cuckoo in the Nest and just decided to start my research there. The serendipity is just...

A culture of masks. An area where white people would not be necessarily out of place because anthropologists are all over these people since they still hold on to their animistic beliefs.

And can I mention? The Dogon consider craftsmen (including woodworkers) as having some supernatural abilities, including speaking to the spirits of the ancestors and settling disputes between people. Heeeee! PERFECT!

No. Not writing story. Writing linear notes. Yes I'm insane. Shut up.

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