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Drive-by posting: Kurt Vonnegut

And now the main reason for the post: Every once in awhile I'm reminded why Kurt Vonnegut is a fabulous writer. Please go read In These Times: Cold Turkey. Here's a quote:

That chief and his cohorts have as little to do with Democracy as the Europeans had to do with Christianity. We the people have absolutely no say in whatever they choose to do next. In case you haven’t noticed, they’ve already cleaned out the treasury, passing it out to pals in the war and national security rackets, leaving your generation and the next one with a perfectly enormous debt that you’ll be asked to repay.

Nobody let out a peep when they did that to you, because they have disconnected every burglar alarm in the Constitution: The House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the FBI, the free press (which, having been embedded, has forsaken the First Amendment) and We the People.

A Quick Word About Story Updates...for those who care

Sorry for the drive-by postings for the past few days and my utter inability to respond to comments. And thanks for giving me a cool badge on my ten things. *shines medal* I thought I was actually pretty boring compared to all of you. So, I guess boring is in the eye of the beholder, hunh?

I've been picking at several projects at once (shoot me!) but at least one is finally done. Hello, remixredux entry! I'll probably be sending in next week since the due date is March 15. The story is from someone on my FList and it's in a fandom I've never written. *fingers crossed*

Also working on my entry for the Points and Laughs Funnyficathon being held by liz_will_ow. By the way, sign ups for this ficathon is open until February 28. I know there are plenty of funny writers on my FList, so c'mon! I wanna see some quality laughs. As for those of us in more darker fare, let's challenge ourselves and little and try to be funny.

I'm actually rather pleased with the way my story's shaping up. I don't know how successful I'll be in making people laugh, but I've been inspired by repeated watching of Looney Tunes. You've been warned.

Plus, (shut-up) there's another cool fic-a-thon going called the Death By Athon being held by phendog. Pick a character you want to kill using one object. The idea, again, is humor. (I think I see a trend...guess I know what I need to work on in my writing) Sign-ups are until March 11.

And, yes, I'm still picking away at Water Hold Me Down, but the Willow section is pretty difficult to write. However, I suspect that a sudden break in the case is going to happen in the next few weeks because it's churning in the back of my head. It has to be set up just right, but I do feel the block crumbling.

Plus, I am working on my Africander Soundtrack (yes, I know who I have to get back to, it's been a tremendously busy week and I will get email out to you this weekend). It's more of a linear notes thing I'm dealing with. I'm trying something just a little bit different.

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