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*blink* Did everyone eat crazy flakes today?

Okay, I admit that I'm not an "in crowd" kinda girl, mostly because I break out in a rash and start to itch something fierce, but obviously everyone's been passing around the box of crazy flakes while I was writing about endometriosis today.

Dudes, what the fuckity-fuck is this frienditto thing? Did I miss the memo? I'm not entirely sure what-the-what-the-who-who is on that. What the hell is frienditto and teh ebil organization LJDrama anyway? The way people are talking, you'd think LJDrama takes out mob hits on LJ people.

Although I'll be the first to say that giving your LJ username and password away to a Web site that's not actually LJ is just a little naive.

Since I don't go nuts on the locked posts anyway (I think I've had something like three since I got here), friendittoheads don't have to defriend me and I'm not going to make a big deal over people on my FList making what I'll believe is a well-intentioned mistake. But please do me a favor and change your LJ password though? Then go forth and be naive no more.

Also the splooge on my FList has reached my kneecaps.

I don't know who started it. I don't know how it got started. Know what? I don't care. But I'm thisclose to locking all of you in a single room so you can have that nice big fist fight you all wanna have. I'm talking cage death-match people. My entire FList enters and only the strong leave, as it should according to the Great and Powerful Darwin! Who will live to pass on their genes to the next generation? I plan to stand behind a one-way mirror and take notes.

Obviously I'm missing a lot of behind-the-scenes passive aggressive crap. Either that, or people are reading more shit into random messages than is actually there (except for jennyo, who I'm convinced has gone insane some time during the past year if one is to go by her LJ entries).

Look, as someone who had to stand up to bullies for my entire high school run using wits, guile, a sense of humor, and physical violence (I had an annual "give my latest tormentor a black eye for Christmas" deal for four years running), this shit that's going down is NOT bullying. From where I sit, it's petty, stupid, and has more in common with Sissyfight2000 than an actual OMYGODTHISISSOHURTFUL case of bullying.

So, I suggest you all join me in taking a chill pill, kicking back, and laughing your ass off because this? This is drama for the sake of drama. You don't like someone. Fine. Someone doesn't like you. Fine.

So what? Because newsflash people: NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA LOVE YOUR ASS!

I have something called the zen of drmercurious, which goes like this: "Do you really know them? Do you really care what they think about you? So then why do you care?"

Really, we're all here for fun. We're all here to learn about other people and (hopefully) other parts of the world. And we're all here to make connections because you never know when those connections might come in handy.

If you're not having fun, you have three options:

  • Leave LJ. No. Really. No one is making you stay and you're here voluntarily anyway.
  • Stop doing things that make you crazy, whether its reading an LJer who pisses you off or writing things that piss other people off (unless that's what turns your crank).

And no, it's not aimed at anyone in particular because, again, I have no fucking clue what's going on. It's just a general whap upside the head.

Really, the road to better relations with your fellow human beings is not rocket science people.

So, chin up, suck it up, and march forward into a happy weekend.

Now that I've lost half my FList with this rant, I will leave you with this one plea to pity po' widdle me:

I gotta do my taxes this weekend. And it's going to be a fine-weather weekend. Shut up.

I know I'm supposed to shut off comments since that's what all the kwel kids seem to be doing, but, fuck it, I ain't cool. Flame away. My inboxes can take it.

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