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MEME: Bands you hope will hit it big...but you're afraid they will...

Once more taking the lead from audiography today, this time I would like to thank the poster cathedralheat for posting MP3s to a band I've liked for awhile now called Over the Rhine.

I was first introduced to them two years ago when I worked at my local Borders. A customer came in looking for Films for Radio. We found it (amazingly enough) and after he waxed on how wonderful they were, he let me open his soon-to-be purchased CD so I could give it a listen. I immediately fell in deep love and snagged the only other CD we had of theirs off the shelves.

This local Cincinnatti band has been slowly building a following. Films for Radio released in 2001 seems to have started the snowball rolling. More and more I'm seeing them leak into mainstream tastes. They've now signed with Virgin Records, so I expect I'll be hearing more of them. However, if you're a big genre watcher, their music has been featured on The X-Files, Angel, Third Watch, Felicity as well as a handful of others.

I've heard their sound described as folk/American roots, but I'd also say that it comes with a slight twist of pop. Some songs are more trancey, some songs are bouncy, and some have that strong streak of folk in it. Lead singer Karin Bergquist has one of those voices that just carry your way.

If you want to give them a listen, they do offer some MP3s for download. You might have to dig a little for them, but it's worth the effort. Also, they do rotate the MP3s they offer on the site, so their worth visiting again.

Better yet, support them by buying a CD or attending a live performance if they show up near you.

TAG! Anyone else want to suggest a band they want to hit big, but afraid they will? If you can offer a "legal" source for MP3 downloads, so much the better.

ETA: Join the recc-ing party going on in the comments! Heh. Maybe we can pull together a musical chain o' love. The more the merrier. At least it'll be a cheering you up if you've had a tough day.

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