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FanFic Author Appreciation and Sekrit Fandom Shames

I've had barely any time to read my FList this week because someone (we will not speak the name of this idiot *ptui*) overcommitted on the writing. *headdesk*

However, I've been seeing the Fanfic Authors Appreciation threads. Thank you to everyone who named me (sadly, I haven't really had time to comment when my name came up).

This puts me in a conundrum. I'm hard pressed to choose only a handful of writers that I like.

See? I have this same problem with music. People ask me my favorite band and I'm like, "Unh..." like a big ol' dork. My favorite band is generally decided by day, weather, latest genre of music catching my ear, what's playing on the store overhead that day, mood, color of the sky, weather...

You get the idea.

Fanfic, for me, is a lot like that. My favorite author of the day pretty much depends on what would amuse me that day. You'd be better off asking me who I think are the most overrated author(s), because I have a pretty clear list for that (none of whom are on my FList). But favorite author(s)? Watch my head explode.

And sometimes I wonder how I managed to not be in a clique in high school. I think the above says it all.

So, this is a general "thank you" to all the fic writers out there who put in time and effort to come up with creative story lines for characters that are intriguing and enchanting. For coming up with unusual (and possibly crackalicious) pairings. For giving me entertaining hours. And most importantly, for inspiring me to try my hand at it.

So, for the last day of FanFic Author Appreciation, a big ol' thank you to everyone on my FList for the fanfic.

Now, confession time...

1) This isn't actually a secret...
I suck at saying "thank you" for the FB. I read it. I pay attention to concrit. I even am grateful for the nit-picky "hey! you spelled this wrong!" FB. But often times I get so tied up in writing the next chapter or the next story that I can't seem to give everyone the proper thank you that I should. I keep meaning to go back and do it, but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do it. *hangs head in shame*

2)I can't stand Spuffy stories. I've tried reading them, but a gag reflex takes over and...
If Spike is panting after Buffy, if Spike is stalking Buffy, if Spike is wanting Buffy, and Buffy is all, "Get lost you punk-ass creep!" I'm all for it. Love those stories. If the author can give me a story where Spike is prentending to pant after Buffy but really has another goal (say, romantically winning over another Scoob, be it Xander or Willow, or to do something shady behind the Scoobs' backs), I am soooooo there because those stories rock my world. The key here is that Spike has his balls and doesn't turn into soopah schmoop Spike. But Spuffy as a couple? Excuse me while I gag.

3)I hate Dawn-Xander stories even more than Spuffy stories, so that should tell you something.
Knee-jerk squicking here. I've liked exactly two Dawn-Xander stories. One was called 18 (the author's name escapes me). The other was nwhepcat's story Indelible (although I admit that I was hoping the story would end with broken hearts and Xander getting his real memories back). There've been a few that have been interesting, but at the end of the day, I just have zero love for this pairing. Probably because the initial stories I came across for this pairing seemed to be all about bashing all the little Scoobies, except for Poor!Beaten!Xander! and Perfect!Mary!Sue!Dawn! or, another hated dynamic, Sugar!Daddy!Successful!Xander! and Worshipful!Dawn! Unfair to paint everyone who writes this pairing like that, because I know it's not true, but the first avalanche of stories I tried reading for this pairing kinda ruined it for me. End result? I set the bar waaaaay too high for writing on this pair. I'm a very, very hard sell.

4) Most hated Buffy pairing: Buffy-Angel.
I. Cannot. Stand. This. Pair. I hated it in canon (XANDER WAS RIGHT. HE WAS RIGHT. HE WAS RIGHT. HE WAS RIGHT. I AGREED WITH HIM 100% AND I WAS A XANDER-WILLOW SHIPPER WHEN THE SHOW FIRST STARTED!) I hate it even more in fanon. Don't get me wrong. I like Angel. I even liked him from the start. But he didn't become really interesting to me until he got the hell away from Buffy. Cordelia, IMHO, was so much better for him (before ME ruined Cordelia the second David Greenwalt walked off the set...grrrrrrrrr). Angel lost his balls in Buffy's divine presence. And Buffy turned into a lovesick, self-centered lunatic. And the lie? Sooooo with Xander here. We already had proof that Buffy would hold back the second she thought there was a chance that Angelus would become Angel. Given a choice between the world and my friends and lying my ass off to make sure he was dead...well...let's just say I'm with ol' Xander here. The biggest mistake, in my opinion, was ME trying to keep up that stupid romantic aura between Buffy-Angel till the end of Angel. GAH! Haaaaaate. Plus, it made it hard for every other Buffy or Angel pairing because some fans wouldn't let go. For this reason alone (aside from the fact that I don't think it would've worked because in many ways they're too much alike) I'm glad ME never paired Buffy and Xander.

5) I have a hardcore kink for Angel-Xander slash.
I can't explain why. Whether Angel's being cruel or Xander's being cruel. Whether it's schmoopy or dark. PWP or porn with plot. I can't explain why this pairing works for me the way it does. It's so OOC for both of them it's insane. But a well-written Angel-Xander slash story makes me happy for days. No one really writes this pairing any more and that's such a shame.

6) Snarky buddy fics.
Any characters. Any fandom with which I'm familiar. Insults. Hate. Lack of respect for each other. Working together despite it all. Even better if they continue to dislike each other at the end of the fic. Serious love for this. Feel the love. Feel the total love. I'm totally a bitch for authors who pull this off.

7) Dark!Xander fics.
No, I'm not talking faux dark. I'm not talking trauma. I'm not talking angst. I'm talking fics where Xander's genuinely unpleasant side comes out to play in a way that doesn't bash the character. Fics where he does a lot of damage. Fics where he's pushed to the point of not caring or insanity and takes that step too far. Fics where the other Scoobs don't see him coming until it's too late. The fics could have a ship or not. The fics could be slash, het, or gen. It doesn't matter. I stand in awe of people who can believably turn Xander to the darkside and show him intelligently working against everything he used to fight for. The fics could have either the Scoobs trying to save him or trying to kill him. Even better if he gets away scot free. Extra points if he manages to make everyone who tried to stop him look like they're the bad guys so he lives another day to cause more havoc. *cackles with glee*

8) My one Buffy OTP: Spike and Dru
I loved them in canon. I love them in fanon. I really believe that Spike loves Dru more than anything else in the universe. I just think of Dru giving Spike that "c'mere" move with a perfectly manicured nail and...*melts* During the final dark days of Buffy, I fully believed that the real Spike was with the real Dru as they motorcycled their way through Europe, randomly eating people along the way and leaving a trail of bodies that would put Oliver Stone to shame.

9)RPF makes me feel squicky.
I've tried them but I can't get over the feeling that it's a serious invasion of privacy. It's just a line I can't cross and, really, I have no desire to try. I liked annakovsky's Dom-Xander fic, but even then I admit that I liked it with guilty shame. I know admitting this out loud is like farting in a room, but here it is: I just think RPFs are wrong. Period. I won't flame RPF authors. That's their bag and that's fine. But don't tell me I'm being narrow-minded if I just think it's a horrific form of fanfic. *shudder*

10) Incest fic?!? What the fuck?!?
The latest craze that seems to be sweeping some fandoms. I mean, Jesus! What the hell?!? Having lived with a cousin who was subjected to incest I can tell you that this is just out-and-out sick. The damage it does in RL... Look, I know it's a kink for some people. Since I had to live with someone who (unsuccessfully) grappled with the aftermath, this positively turns my stomach in ways I cannot even begin to describe. Whenever I see someone trying to defend incest fic I want to reach through the screen and strangle that person. There are some things that are just wrong on so many levels Just no.

*waits for mass defriending over the above rants*

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