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Dark Xander links...

List updated as of 6:45 p.m. EST Friday, March 18

By popular demand...

Vetted Stories and Honest Assessment
All Fall Down by entrenous88
Another WishVerse Xander story. Imagine if Xander's loyalty was focused on the Master. And what if there was a different Annointed One? A creepy story about how prophecy comes about in unexpected ways. Go. Read. Give love to the author.

Being a Vampire Really Sucks by saturn_girl
Slash warning for those of you who don't like slash. But this? In character Vamp Xander all the way. AU post-S5. Buffy's still dead. Vampires have a field day. The Scoobs get picked off one-by-one. Xander's the last and he has the bad fortune to be "saved" by Spike. He still sounds like human Xander, only now, as Saturn Girl puts it, the Id is raging loose.

Bound By Love and Hate by saturn_girl
Spike and Xander make a deal on Xander's deathbed. Completely believable and in character. I can see Xander making this particular deal with the devil. This is what I call an "in character" darkfic. I adore this one.

Death by Meth by Scorpio
Astoundingly out of character. S1 through S4 Xander a meth head? Not so much. But this story tickles me to death. VampXander goes to an NA meeting and tells his story. He promises not to kill anyone in the building. In the parking lot, on the other hand... heh.

An Eye for an Eye, A Soul for A Soul by luxshine
Big love to jessara40k for solving one of my mystery stories. This one is an excellent AU of S4. The general premise is that the one-two punch of magical syphillis during Pangs and Willow turning Xander into a demon magnet in Something Blue actually resulted in some serious physical harm for Xander (makes sense since Xander=Human and the two eps were aired back-to-back). Xander's essentially brain dead and Anya blames the Scoobs for his condition. So, she does something about it by bringing WishVerse Vamp Xander over to this side to exact vengeance. It's a very well-done story that actually manages to not bash the other Scoobs. The ending is the real killer, especially when Vampire Xander's real motives for doing what he did is finally unmasked. Well worth the read.

The Flesh We Wear by Scorpio
Definitely AU from S3, the jumping off point being that Faith killed Buffy and the demons have overrun the world because the Mayor managed to ascend. Hard-core, stone-cold killer Xander meets up with Angel over Cordelia's grave. Not a terrific Xander voice, but a good Angel voice. This story is creepy as fucking hell.

The Hollow by Jeanny
Probably everyone knows this one since it has won some awards. Also in character for Xander if there was a step to the left of cannon. AU for S6. What if Willow decided she needed a little help to further her addiction and turned to good ol' Xander to do it? The Xander voice is a little off, but the premise is great.

Intersectons by Set
I rather like the unusual set-up Set has here. The layout is in the form of an 'X' and each link is a link to a story involving different kinds of Xanders, from our human Xander to a Xander that's a Cyborg, a Vampire, to an Ethan Ryane-trained Witch, to a Vengeance Demon. And when they all meet, you've got to check out the many more options (my favorite is Sandra the Vampire Slayer). They've got to combine forces to stop the fragments of Glorificus from causing havoc. It's a dizzying story that plays a lot with the normal beignning-middle-end of plotting. Admittedly, I have to be in the mood to read it, but when I'm looking for something different, this one is definitely on the list.

Irony by Scorpio
I tried reccing this on BBF two years ago but got shot down because too many people thought it was too short. I actually think the length on this one is just right. AU S7 from Sleeper. Told from Spike's PoV. Spike contemplates how his actions before he even got the chip led to turning Xander into the one foe Buffy's terrified to face. I love this one because it is so short and to the point. Plus, it shows Xander as more than benign evil, but an evil with the potential to rival the Mayor himself. Go and read. Give love to the author.

Just Dying for a Taste by BunnyPhobia
Love to hpchick for solving my last mystery story. AU for The Pack. This focuses on Xander's attack on Buffy, but he gets in a lucky shot and knocks her out. It ends with him eating her. (Ewwwwwww!) Very disturbing.

Little Red Book by Lint
All hail hpchick for solving one of my mystery stories. Big, big love for this one. Five years after Buffy let a Vamped Xander go in exchange for his departure from Sunnydale, she gets a letter and his "little red book" of victims. Looks like Buffy is about to regret letting Vampire Xander go undusted. Creepy in the extreme. This is actually not one of Lint's better works (there are some typos), but very much worth reading.

The Long Haul by Becka
I'm very sad that this is a WiP and that it hasn't been updated in some time. I think the flames from certain quarters may have something to do with it and that's a crying shame. Post-Chosen Xander snaps and runs away from his past by faking his own death. This is Xander at his post-traumatic stress disorder lowest, believing himself to be trapped in a life out of his control, he's willing to do anything and everything to shed it. This is all-human Xander who's crossed the line and may never come back. Best of all: No Scoob bashing. If anything, the Scoobs are relying on him more than ever, but they don't realize that our man Xander has slipped the bonds of sanity.

Not Quite the Loneliest Number by stoptocheer
Recced by invisionary. Oh, so deliciously cruel. Wishverse Xander before and after vamping. What gives this one the extra kick is the "before" part that gives you a thrill when you read something that's so painfully echoed in the episode itself. Give much love to the author for this one.

One More Addiction by Jane McCartney.
VampXander facing off against Buffy stories make me happy. Takes place during S6 post-"Hell's Bells," so you know it's AU. Warning: Purple prose alert! And a little too talky.

Roulette by Casix Thistlebane
Recced by hpchick. Holy crap! This is creepy. Xander, post-Chosen, and Russian Roulette. Well-written and nice atmospherics. And his last line to Faith postively makes my heart stop. My one issue is that this story is actually a little too short. It needs some sort of introductory chapter just so we can clue in to what's going on. It's one of those stories where I feel like I walked in during the middle of the story.

Sleeper by booster17
I call this one borderline-dark Xander. The Scoobs have a plan to take down Wolfram & Hart. Being the Scoobs, however, they failed to come up with a contingency plan just in case a whole lot of somethings go spectacularly wrong. When Xander's last escape hatch closes, he ends up on the wrong side and unable to ask for help. X/F. Highly recommended story.

Sweet Victory by Laura Smith
And invisionary pulls through by solving one of my mystery stories! Willow's characerization is a little more overwrought than I remember. But the the closing lines are a killer. Probably one of the few stories where Xander willingly gets turned that I actually believe. Yet another one where Wishverse Vamp Willow turns Xander. (Notice how there aren't too many where it's Xander turning Willow? Mystery for the ages that one.)

Winners by Insomnitic
Another one everyone's probably heard of. Also an award winner. Not so much Dark Xander specifically, but definitely Dark Scoobs.

Zeppo No More by Slayer
I actually slept on this one, mostly because I very much don't like this author. I personally don't think he's a good writer (hacktacular comes to mind) and I've had some skirmishes with him on a certain Wank-Tastic Het-Only Xander-Centric Fanfic List of Which I Am No Longer a Member over an underage Dawn with overage Xander story he wrote that was the very definition of bad taste. I'm explaining the background because: 1) were it not for the history this story would've been included from the start; 2) to show I'm trying to be somewhat fair.

That said, this is actually the first truly "evil Xander" story I ever read and for that reason, and that reason alone, I'm putting it here. He's since turned this into a series, although Dog knows why since this works fine as a stand-alone. [In last installment I scanned almost a year ago, Xander had gotten his soul back but was still an evil son of a bitch, only he's the evil son of a bitch that's taken over Angel Investigations because Angel had been staked. He is, however, very reluctantly doing "good" because he really doesn't have a choice.]

The premise is this: Xander is being made to feel useless so he allows Dru to turn him in one of the most OOC ways imaginable. There is some light Scooby bashing, but really it's more a case of thoughtlessness instead of maliciousnes because when the chips are down they do at first try to save him. Once turned, Vampire Xander goes on a raping and killing spree, ripping through the Scoobs and the town of Sunnydale in a way that makes Angelus look positively fluffy. He ends up by becoming a legendary serial killer (although that may be revealed in the second installment). So, plaster the warnings on this one: massive, massive death, rape, torture, ah hell, just call it "Ted Bundy" bad go with it. The first one is probably the best one in the series (and it actually isn't terribly written). Whatever you do, don't go looking for other stories in the series because the writing quality plumets to amazing depths of bad.

Author-Pimped Dark Xander Fics
beautifulstars is offering up her collection of Xander stories. Buffy and Xander find themselves in a dark, addictive relationship. Essentially, take S6 Buffy and toss in Xander's worst fears about himself. I've scanned the stories and they seem delicious, but I haven't really had a chance to read them. And this from someone who isn't too sure about B/X as a ship. In order of appearance: Gas Station Baby, Back Alley Boy, Pace Away to the Stars, and How Love Lies.

A Dale Less Sunny by Set
I haven't read this one, but I do like Set's style. (I've read Intersections which is listed above.) This one goes AU with the end of S1. Buffy gets turned by the Master and like dominoes, the Scoobs get turned one by one. Dark Xander? Yep. But it's pretty much dark everyone. The White Hats are the Black Hats and, in a twist, the Black Hats find themselves becoming the White Hats out of necessity.

Fallen From Grace by icewing_mk1
Sorry, Ice! I wasn't aware of this one at all. At any rate, Ice is offering up this one for your approval. The general summary: "Few years from now, Faith is doing her best to help people, but a new player on the supernatural scene who knows more about her than they should causes her some worry." I haven't read it and given it's length, it might be awhile before I get to it. At any rate, here's the link and don't forget to FB the author.

Visual Spectrum by _sharvie_
General summary: "At a pivotal moment, Xander thinks back on his life." Takes place AU for LMPTM.

Dark Xander Fics Pimped By Others
Different Heaven by Ainon
Recced by thirdgorchbro. I can't speak to this one at all. The second I saw it was a Xander-centric alternative reality fic, I squeaked very hard and ran away since I'm working on Water Hold Me Down, which is also an alternative reality fic. I can't tell you anything about the story or the plot beyond that.

[A.N.: I'm a little paranoid about even accidentally plaigarizing someone and avoid any and all fics that could even be remotely similar to whatever I'm working on until I'm done. I actually once apologized to Alix Aadler, author of Whisper of a Moment, a Xander-centric fic in which a descendant of Xander's goes back in time and meets him. I had no idea his story existed when I started writing Living History, but I still emailed him anyway when it was brought to my attention that there was already a story out there with a similar concept. Turned out he'd been told about it as well and had already checked me out. Our stories are so completely different that it was safe to say there was no way anyone could claim plaigarism (although his story is older, so I would've been the one in trouble). By the way, if you haven't checked Alix out, go read his stories, especially if you're looking for something very different on the hard-boiled side.]

Let Forever Be by dolores
Recced by glossing. Xander/Oz slash. Vamp Xander marks Oz as his. I haven't read it so I can't tell you more than that.

Predatory Acts by janedavitt
Recced by collinwood. X/S slash warning for those who need it. I know this is a very popular story. I haven't read this (I don't know why, exactly. I think this is another one I put on my list of: "When I get around to it.") The short summary (from memory): The hyena never left.

Season Noir by Anna S aka eliade
thirdgorchbro recommends this one. I've read bits and peices of this one over the years but really haven't given it a whole lot of attention. (Should I add this to my sekrit fandom shame that I haven't read this series all the way through? Not because I haven't wanted to, but because it seems I just never had the chance to sit down and read it.) Think demons as Nazis and the Scoobs as the French Resistance. Along the way, everyone takes on darker roles, not only just to survive but to also fight. I know Anna S. did stop writing this one for awhile because she'd moved on to S/X slash fic (which is rather good stuff). However, it looks like she's picked up the series again and that there's a new episode on the way. Not so much a "Dark Xander" fic as it is a general ensemble darkfic. Again, this one comes highly recommended.

Take This Waltz by _dellamore
glossing recs this story. Xander gets turned by Spike, from the looks of it during S2 (although it could be S3 since Willow and Oz are a couple in ths story). I haven't read this one, but a quick scan shows that Spike ends up very sorry he did. So will the Scoobs, from the looks of it.

Walk Down the Other Road by Jason Thompson and Mary
Recced by hpchick. There is a warning on this that there is Buffy-bashing and Jason admits that it's breathtakingly OOC. In a nutshell, AU for S3. Faith pulls Xander over to the dark side with her.

Dark Xander Authors
Really gives good Dark Xander, as hpchick reminded me. AND she finishes her stories. Highly recommed her The Good Kind of Wicked and its follow-up, What We Do Is Secret, as well as Junkies Running Dry. Awwww, hell. Lint just writes a fab all-around Faith/Xander as a pairing. She writes them good dark, she writes them good as a prickly pair, what she doesn't write is schmoop. Screw it. Check out all her stories. You won't be sorry.

Bugger This home of Author: nwhepcat
I was originally going to leave her off this list, mostly because she doesn't write Evil Xander so much as a Shades of Grey Xander who goes from light grey in Postcards from a Kerouac Summer to a dark Grey in the Lessons series. Sometimes the world around him is darker, as in the case of Lilac City and sometimes in her stories, Xander lets himself get pulled almost under, as in the case of Five by Three. Go give her your love.

Author: Shin Willow
Gives good dark Xander, but almost every single one of her stories are WiP. Her one-chapter shorties are one shots, so they're safe. But it is frustrating with her longer stories because... yeah...

Author: Wicked Raygun
Oh look! Another WiP king. He's gives good story. Some of them are even finished! Mostly just dark as opposed to Dark Xander specifically, although his version of Xander has darkish qualities. He was actually the first fanfic author I stumbled across who actually liked Xander but wasn't afraid to highlight his less-than-sterling characteristics. So for that reason alone, I recommend him. The darkest Xander he writes is in (yet another!) WiP called, Back in Black (which is not on his homepage) and is a post-Chosen and post-Never Fade Away story. A half-crazed human Xander is chasing a vampire version of himself through Sunnydale with the Scoobs caught in the middle.

Ummmm, if anyone has good Dark Xander fics, make your recs in the comments, 'kay? Oh, and feel free to pimp if you're written one. Will accept het, slash, and gen for all pimping and recs.

Pretty please? Let's make this a Dark Xander rec post for all and sundry. I'd like to have one hell of a list for everyone to pick over.

Plus, if you've got Dark Xander rec where he doesn't get vamped, stays human, and doesn't bash the character, I will declare you hero for the day.

Not that I want the Vamp Xander recs or Possessed Xander recs to stop, mind. So keep 'em coming.

*weeps over lost bookmarks*

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