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The Bottleneck Starts to Break

Check out the icon. ludditerobot made me a prezzie!

Holy Crap!

My Dark Xander Fiction List is growing quite nice. (Sends big love to su_herald.) Please keep 'em coming.

And check out the list. Updated as of 10 p.m. tonight. Everyone who pimps (themselves or somene else) will get a message as soon as their story/author is added to the list. It's even coded properly and everything!

Also, sent off the latest part of Water Hold Me Down to hjcallipygian this evening with much begging that he tear the sucker apart for any logic holes I might've missed. So it's definitely coming. I'm just waiting on him.

I was planning to tack more coding for the Africander Soundtrack, but the Dark Xander list took longer than I thought. *wipes brow*

Hey, I got a lot more done tonight than I thought I would.

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