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Disclaimer: I normally don't follow the careers of Buffy-verse actors because I'm more interested in the characters.


When I heard they were going to do a show based on Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain I did a happy dance. The book is great, the team behind it includes the people behind Sex in the City, Just Shoot Me (which was good in the early seasons but seemed to lose its way), and Cracking Up (haven't seen this one). Needless to say I was crossing my fingers for this one to hit the air because I would sooooooo watch this.

Yes, I really, really liked the book. (Strong stomach required to read it.)

Via Whedonesque today I found out that Nicholas Brendon got cast in a supporting role for the pilot, I immediately did a happy dance. [Note: If anyone gets Variety, there's aparantly more information about his role.]

Heh. And YES!

Like I wasn't crossing my fingers for this pilot already.

ETA: Futon Critic has Kitchen on pilot watch. I was checking because I wanted to see who else was in it. I already knew someone from Freaks and Geeks had been cast (John Francis Daley who played Sam, according to TV Tome), but it also turns out that the guy who played Lysander in the movie Troy (Owain Yeoman) is playing Bourdain's role. I recognize the Freaks and Geeks guy (which I think was part of what gave me hope for the adaption), but I know nothing about Yeoman. According to FutonCritic, Yeoman was announced for the lead yesterday.

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