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PYGS is opening the gates...

I'm pleased to pimp the following:

bastardsnow and d_tepes are opening up their Yahoo newsgroup, PYGS for all authors to post.

The rules (as I understand them):

  • All fandoms welcome
  • All characters welcome
  • All authors welcome
  • Het, slash, and gen welcome, with warnings as approprite
  • All genres are welcome (except for rapefic, in which case you will be shot by firing squad made up of the Group Members, then you will be banned)

The group WILL BE MODERATED, which means flamewars, personal insults, and bitchfests that have been known to take over certain other fanfic lists will NOT BE TOLERATED. Perpetrators will be squashed into teeny tiny boxes and stomped like grapes at a winery. I'll be cheering from the sidelines when that happens.

For more questions and information (i.e., will you love me too? questions), please go harrass bastardsnow here.

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