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Good friends help you hide bodies, real friends on the other hand...

Checklist for the day:

1. Pimped PYGS, for details go here.

2. Updated my Dark Xander Fiction Recs list. People should be having a very, very good weekend if this is your cup o' tea.

3. Instituted beta changes for Water and am now waiting for the last round of edits.

4. Prepares big ol' thank you for hjcallipygian for effort and speed above and beyond the call of duty in taking a big ol' axe to Water.

People, let me be blunt: Good friends may help you hide the bodies, but real friends will take you at your word when you ask them to tear apart your writing.

*smooches hjcallipygian in an unironic way*

It reads a hell of a lot smoother now that he's buzz-sawing through it. I was right. I did over-think this stupid section.

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