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Heee....or is this a sign that I'm a very, very sad person?

Yes, I'm still at work. I'll be working v. v. late tonight. Still a few things make me perky despite the suckiness of being stuck at the office late on a Friday:

  • When the FB on the latest chapter for Water Hold Me Down consists of one universal exclamation:

    Xander you stupid fuck!

    Heh. No, seriously. Heh. No one's blamed the stupid writer for letting Xander act like a stupid fuck, so that's good, right?

  • I got the exact assignment I wanted for the Death-By-A-Thon. Heeeeeeeeeeeee! And YES! changes the order of DVDs on my Netflix list so I can "research"

  • Crooks and Liars show off why I love Jon Stewart. Without a doubt, the best dissection of how the cablenets are covering the Schiavo case.

    (Side note: Can someone please tell me when the fuck we rescinded the U.S. Constitution? Last I checked, passing a law that targeted a single individual or organization was stated outright as a huge-ass no-no. And the Constitution says so. In black and white. Has our Administration of religious fruitcakes criminals Republicans decided to wipe their asses with the country's Most Sacred Document? *snarl* Welcome to Gilead people. It goes downhill from here unless we reign in these nutcases.)

Before I get into a rant about the Schiavo case, I must go back to work. Like, right now.

What the hell, I'll even throw in a download today. I'm using YouShareIt for this one:

DOWNLOAD: My Name Is Jonas by Weezer

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