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SOUNDTRACK: Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

I am about to lose megga cool points right now (assuming I had megga cool points with anyone on my FList). Yes, the dorkalicious Ultimate Mary Sue Soundtrack is ready for its close-up.

Big love to my FList who volunteered for this dangerous duty. I'm pleased to announce that butterflykiki is almost as big of a dork as I am.

Only one song wasn't included among the list of recommendations, and that's marenfic's recommendation for A Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. It was in a format I couldn't play and I couldn't convert it either.

Cheers for bigsciencybrain who's offering up her MP3 of Beautiful Soul. It will be added as a BONUS DOWNLOAD! Both she and marenfic will be credited.

Anyway, all people who recommended songs have the appropriate blame credit given to them.

This is a double-CD, 32-song extravaganza salute to the ULTIMATE MARY SUE! All files are stored as .zip files on YSI. You'll find the appropriate links at the end of each CD's songlist.

This soundtrack has it all! Bad spelling! Incomprehensible plot! Eye bleedingly bad writing. TMI from the author! Inappropriate use of Evanescence! Song fic! Tradjic sekrets! Teh wangst!

Come! Download! Enjoy!

Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 1: omygodtheirluvissoliekwhoa

Autohrs' Note: Plz, plz, plz r+r. I wrote thsi during history class and I couldnt wait to get home and post it because my MUse keept bugging me to do it. Let me know if you liek! If I get at lesst 100 reviews on this chapter Ill rite more! off teh story.

Wen Our Hero waikes up hes in a bad mood cuase nothing is going good. Even his hoararore scop is sayin OMG meen things about him. LOL!1!!

1. Your Horrorscope For Today by Weird Al Yankovic
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
All Virgos are extremely friendly and intelligent
Except for you
Expect a big surprise today
When you wind up with your head impaled upon a stick

Nobody understainds Our Hero. His parets think hes' a doushebagg and his friends thinks hes such a looser because hes been messing stuff up. So he's a litle angry.

2. Sidekick by Rancid
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by irfikos
My name is Tim I'm a lesser- known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
Fighting crime in the streets together

Mary Sues moves in to town and shes rilly reelly shy. She see Our Hero and she can see hes so liek awsum even tho his friends are such LOZERS! But shes' afraid to ask him out becuse shes git a tradgic sekret. OMG I WONDER WHAT IT CAN BEE!!~! XD

3. Along Comes Mary by The Bloodhound Gang
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by booster17
And then along comes Mary
And does she want to set them free and
Let them see reality
From where she got her name

Our Hero sees Mary Sue across teh cafeteria and her eyes are liek so violet (AN: kind've like a cats' with MAGIC POWERS!) with these gold fleks in them that he falls totaly in love with her because he can see her iner beautiful even from across teh street.

4. Tongue Tied by Danny John-Jules
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
When I saw you for the first time (first time)
My knees began to quiver (quiver)
And I got a funny feeling (feeling)
In my kidneys and my liver (digestive system baby)
My hands they started shakin' (shakin')
My heart began a-thumpin' (boom, boom, boom)
My breakfast left my body (huey, huey, huey)

Our Hero and Mary Sue go out on a date and hes taking her to this Fining Never Land and hes friends dont liek her. So his reilly meen ex who dumped him becus she wantid to go out wit hiz rictcheer best friend but doest want Our Hero datin any one else corners Mary Sue in the girls room and tells her that Our Hero iz OMFG what a LOOOSER! (shes such a bitch I ahte her!!!)

5. Angeleyes by Abba
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Look into his angeleyes
One look and you’re hypnotized
He’ll take your heart and you must pay the price
Look into his angeleyes
You’ll think you’re in paradise

All his friends start saing OMFG meen things about Mary Sue becase their jus jelous that hes' dating her and thire not. So at the town talent show he gets up an sings this song to her in front of everyone in public and eveyrthing to show how much he loves her no mater waht. Awwwww.

6. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by butterflykiki
I am a man who will fight for your honor
I’ll be the hero you’re dreaming of
We’ll live forever
Knowing together that we
Did it all for the glory of love

Our Hero thinks about Mary Sue at night. Not liek taht! Pervs! ;-) :-P XD

7. She's Got A Way by Billy Joel
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
She's got a way of pleasin'
I don't know what it is
But there doesn't have to be a reason

Our Hero haz one ture friend, his big sister woh cann see how much he love Mary Sue and Mary Sue loves him. So shes going to maek shure it woks out. She takes him clothes shoping and she gets him a haircut. She takes Mary Sue shopping for very very sexy clothes for their big date but in secreet because she wants it to be a big suprise when her cousin pics upp mary Sue.

8. I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by bastardsnow
I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts
And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan

Our Heero maks small talk with Mary Sue on thier date. Hes sucha dork! But hes soooo cute! XD

9. I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today from Avenue Q (Original Soundtrack)
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by butterflykiki
I'm not wearing underwear today,
No I'm not wearing underwear today
Not that you probably care
Much about my underwear
Still none the less I gotta say
That I'm not wearing underwear today

Our Hero think about Mary Sue agin. PERVS! ROFLMAO!

10. Whenever You're On My Mind by Marshall Crenshaw
[ Support the Artist ]</b>
Recommended by liz_marcs
I think about you and forget what I've tried to be
Everything is foggy and hard to see
It seems to be, but can it be, a fantasy?

Mary Sue is afraid that Our Hero might OMG find out her secret so shes got to leve town befour it cums out and he thinks shes OMG sucha bad person. Our Hero dont no why shes leaving him and hes liek soooo hurt. So his cousin gtives him this reely good advice because shes want him to be happy. (I totally love her! Do you love her? I liek totally made up the sister because liek he reaaly needs a friend and all hiz "real friends" are liek so meen to him. I think he should liek ahve a big sister in real live becaus he needs a somone liek his cosuin who likes him and will halp him.)

11. Fairy Tale by Blue October
[ Support the Artist ]</b>
Recommended by liz_marcs
She's a magnetic girl
That I hardly even know.
So this is not another love song.

Mary Sue hops Our Hero dosn't find out her seket so shes hoping he doesn't find oujt. Shes willing to do anything to be with him but shed never be abel to face him if hes find out her secrit!1!!! (OMG WHAT CAN IT BE!!!1!1)

12. Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind by Christine Lavin
[ Support the Artist ]</b>
Recommended by singer_d
So if you see me in the sushi bar
see me in the mezzanine
see me on a ski slope
looking scared
hey don't feel sorry for me
I must be in love
why in the hell else
would I be there

Even tho evertyhing is falling a part betwin Our Hero and MAry sUe, she still keeps a cheerfull smile on her face becuse she dosen't wnat any one to now her awful secret in her tradgic past. (You have to keep reeding because OMFG its soooo kewl!)

13. Ding Dong by Nellie McKay
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
So ding dong
There's the doorbell, hello man in white
He's gonna make you all well
Getcha through the night

Our Heeroe is sooo upset taht Mary sue has forzen him out, he tries out for the high school choir and he getz discovered by the maniger of a new boyband caled Awesome! and he writs a song after he joikns and the band recods it and it gose right to NO. 1. One month after join teh Cool Boyz! He's touring teh world singing the NO. 1 song he totally wrote all bty hiself!

14. Dujour Around the World by Dujour from Josie and the Pussycats (Original Soundtrack)
[ Support the Artist]
Recommended by jetpack_monkey
Nobody rocks the mic like Dujour
Ride on your motorbike with Dujour
Kickin' it in the Benz with Dujour
Bangin' round the world with
Wish you could
Be friends with Dujour

Ummmm, I just really like this song, OK? So, unh, Mary Sue joins liek a rival girl band and she writes this song. And Our Heroe attends her concert becaus he totally mises her and she says she wrote this song and dedacats it too him evin tho she doesnt now hes in teh adience.

15. Wake Me Up Inside by Evanescence
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Frozen inside without your touch without your love
Darling only you are the life among the dead

After turing teh world with their hit bands oveer Christmass break, Our Heor and MarY sue go back too schol, but tehy caint' talk two each otehr becuaz Mary Sue dedicaited her song to dis guy shes datingb to try and get over Our Hero at tghe Concert Our Hero wen t to, so he dosn't think shes in love with him anymor. Byut Mary Sue still loves him and so she wishes on a star that hel'l rescuu her from her bad relashonship with her new boyfriend.

16. Someday My Prince Will Come from Cinderella (Disney Original Soundtrack)
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Some day my prince will come
Some day I’ll find my love
And how thrilling that moment will be
When the prince of my dreams comes to me

TBC...LOL! OMG! R+R Plz plz pretty plz!~ Ktnx!

Dowload Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 1, Songs 1 through 8 and cover art from YSI: [Download ] [Mirror One ] [Mirror Two ] [Mirror Three ] [Mirror Four ]

Dowload Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 1, Songs 9 through 16 and track list YSI: [Download ] [Mirror One ] [Mirror Two ] [Mirror Three ] [Mirror Four ]

Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 2: omygodthierluvissoawsum

Autohrs' Note: Sory 4 the weight. My computre crahsed an my cat got hit by a peice of satilite from Mir. And my brothre got my best freind pregnant. Tehn my bf broke up with me an called me fatt. Tehn some one meen giave mee a nasti review on the last patr an kiled my MusE ded fer 3 hole moths. Lissen u jerk! YOUR’E JUS JELASS. IM ONLY !3 AN I DO THIS FOR FUNN OK?!?! Jus cuse yor all PERFET u tinhk u cain tel peple hwo too rite? I rite fime! I get Ass in englihs all teh time. Plus, FYI, I got a lot a lot of reily god revews and pelple liek my storie, so its just u OK? You maek peple fele like dirt becuz you caint wright. I want to see waht uve written OK? Ten u cann tel me who to rite. If u dont’ liek it dont red!

So lik Our Hero thikns Mary sUe dont kluv himm no more swo he thinks if hee triez to br perfeckt he ll win her hart.

1. No Myth by Michael Penn
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
What if I were Romeo in black jeans
What if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
Maybe she's just looking for
Someone to dance with

nmAry Sue seez her tru love acting diferant and see al teh girlz liek flirtin g wiht him and stuff. She kno teh like him becuas hes col, butt she wants too protetc himm from thoose BEYOTCHES prentding to lick him. Oh, an her bf is lek soooo jealus because he nknos Mary Sue reely loves Or Horeo.

2. Harbor by Vienna Teng
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
All I want is to be your harbor
The light in me
Will guide you home
All I want is to be your harbor

Mary Sue thikns abut Our Hore.

3. Could I Be Your Girl by Jann Arden
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
And I am ashes. I am Jesus. I am precious.
Could I be your girl? Could I be your girl?
I am worthless sounds compared to all your perfect words.
Could I be your girl? Could I be your girl?

Mary Sye dose somemore tinking abuot Our Hero.

4. For All Time by Soluna
[Support the Artist ]</b>
Recommended by liz_marcs
You've been the first in my life
Who has ever made me feel this way
And I will not deny
I'm gonna need you right here by my side

Our Hero thinks abotu mAry Se.

5. Forever Your Girl by Paula Abdul
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Baby just remember I gave you my heart
Ain't no one gonna tear us apart
He could promise the moon
And the stars above
Even if you promised me the world
Just remember I'm forever your girl

This is Our Heroes knew gf. Sehs pretendnig too lov him cause off wehn he ws in the boyband New Kids! Soo seh pretendz to love hme an d lek hids her rela personallitty an stuff.

6. Barbie Girl by Aqua
[ Support the Artist ]
File courtesy of bigsciencybrain; Recommended by bigsciencybrain and hjcallipygian
Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees
Come jump in, be my friend, let us do it again
Hit the town, fool around, let's go party

But Our Hero stil wantz Mary Sue. Not Liek that! PERVS! XD
He relly love her and wants her for fun and romanse an to hang arund with.

7. That Thing You Do by The Wonders from That Thing You Do (Original Soundtrack)
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Well I try and try to forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do

Our Hero relizes taht joyning a gang was liek a totall mystake an he dumps his gf and leves the gang, but hes got to fite his way out. The hed of teh gang invits Mary Sue to wach the fite and sehs woried hes gonna get kiled ded. BbuT he win and evn tho he dan kil hsi oponant he doen t and spars his leif. (THIS IS SOOOO GOIN TO BEE IMPOTENT SO REMMBRE TIEHS!!~!11!)

8. A Girl Like You by Smithereens
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
I'll say anything you want to hear
I'll see everything through
I'll do anything I have to do
Just to win the love of a girl like you, a girl like you

mary Sue watns too brekup wiht her bf, but hed be sad so she dosnt. Ohr Hero is soo jelous becus he thinks shes neve cumming bak to him.

9. Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by drmercurious
You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl
I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that

But Mary Sues bf breks up with her becaus he wants to dat a ritch grl and Mary Sue is rely poor an leivs in a foster hum becaus shes in orfan (HINT HINT! BIG SECRT HNIT!) Our Hero tels Mary Sue teht he stil luv hre an dosen’t caree abut her tradjic passt becus she makes him fel hole! Awwww!

10. Hero by Enrique Iglesias
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by butterflykiki
I can be you hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Mary Sue and Our Hero is happy!

11. Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Well baby I surrender
To the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it
But there's no escaping your love

Butt Our Heroes ex gf (A.N.: Not teh lasst 1 but teh one frome teh 1st pat) puts douts in his hed becuz Mary Sue is so ritch and hes lek reelly reely poor an lives in teh bda part of towne. So shes telling himm he cant tak caer of Mary Sue leik she shud.

12. She Ain't the Girl For You by the Kinleys
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by butterflykiki
I’m the one who understands
It’s me who holds your hand

Our Hero triez to brek upp wiht Mary Sue becuz of wha his JELUS exgf sad and the hav a big fite becus Mary Sue wantz to prov shes knott a gold diger like his exgf siad (A.N.: HATE!!!). But Our Hero relizes taht jus because Mary Sue is ritcher tehn himm dosent meen the caint lov each oteher.

13. Eyeless by Slipknot
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by ludditerobot
Do you wanna feel pain?
Takin' my name in vain
Caring never felt so lame inside
Anybody else got pride?
Do you wanna take my life?
Maybe I'll reverse my ride

Our Hero tels his exgf waht he tinks off her and her LIES~! (Im sooo glad he did tiehs. I didnt sea this cuming until my Muse wispered it in my earr. I wsa sooo hapy wehn I rote this becuse I HATE HER!)

14. I Hate You by Scott Henderson
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Darling you ruined my life
So I hate you and I always will
Darling you ruined my life
So I hate you and I always will

Our Hero and Mary Sey relise teh realy reely love each oteher.

15. The More You Ruv Someone from Avenue Q (Original Soundtrack)
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by butterflykiki
The more you love someone,
The more he make you crazy.
The more you love someone,
The more you wishing him dead!

Mary Sue and Our Heor runn away to vegAs an get married and liv happy evah aftar wit Our Heros pet dug Rovre.

16. Just Another Stupid Lovesong by Amiel
[ Support the Artist ]
Recommended by liz_marcs
Have you ever
Wondered why it is we fall in love?
Can you tell me?
Do you know what it is you're looking for?
What do we need?
Can you tell me why I care?
How is it that we heed that voice that says
I want you there?

The END! R+R Plz plz pretty plz!~ Iff u liek I t Im got a sequal Ive workin g onn and wil posst it next weake but oly iff I get 100 reviws for tis storye. Ktnx!

Dowload Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 2, Songs 1 through 8 and cover art from YSI: [Download ] [Mirror One ] [Mirror Two ] [Mirror Three ] [Mirror Four ]

Bonus Download: [Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney ], recommended by marenfic and file provided by bigsciencybrain. [Mirror 1 ] [ Mirror 2 ] [ Mirror 3 ] [ Mirror 4 ]

Dowload Attack of the Mary Sues, Vol. 2, Songs 9 through 16 and track list from YSI: [Download ] [Mirror One ] [Mirror Two ] [Mirror Three ] [Mirror Four ]

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