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What. The. Fuck.

So here I am at work listening to tunes and writing away when Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie comes up in my RealPlayer.

Here is the "artist note," verbatum in that stupid green "more album info" on the right side of the player:

"Rob Zombie is the big, bad bully of Howard Stern-sanctioned Industrial Metal. He probably worships the devil."

What. The. Fuck.

RealPlayer has gone all sniffy religious on my ass? AARRRGHHHHH!

Rob Zombie is ooooo teh evol! He probably worships the devil!

Ooooooo, I'm so fucking going to hell.

Except so not.

What the shit is this?

This bothers the ever-loving shit out of me. I think I've gone on pope overload. Maybe even religion overload in general.

Do you wanna know my personal feelings about the pope? Do ya really?

Let's put it this way, the SOB once said that all things were forgivable except for practicing homosexuality and divorced people getting remarried. Yes. I have family members that are so thrilled that they've somehow been placed on the "hell list" ahead of pedophile priests.

I know the guy's got his fans.

I. Am. Not. One.

I hope Archibishop Romero kicks his sorry ass when JPII shows up at the pearly gates, especially since JPII dissed Romero because he was part of the Liberation Theology Movement in Latin America. The dissing continued looooong after Romero was murdered by El Salvadoran thugs. Romero still gets no official love in the Rome.

If I hear one more "how awesome was this pope" I'm going to fucking scream. He put a lot of everyday Catholics through a hell of a lot of pain, he forced a lot of good people out of the Catholic Church because he didn't want no stinkin' cafeteria Catholics, he made a significant number of everyday people feel like shit because they couldn't take the spiritual abuse one second more.

And his handling of the Pedophile Priest Mess that started in Boston is nothing less than a crime.

Think about this: JPII fucking promoted Cardinal Law. Gave him a job in the Holy See itself, leaving behind the wreckage that was once the incredibly strong Catholic Boston Archdiocese. Cardinal Law, who was the fucking leader in covering up the criminal actions of these Pedophile Priests and moving them around the churches like some sort of sick shell game as he bet with parishoners' lives and faith that he and his priests wouldn't be caught.

That same Boston Archdiocese is now bleeding faithful as they flee to religions that actually pay attention to their adherents. Churches are closing left and right. We've run out of priests. And the priests we have are not only aging, but looked at with suspicion.

And for this Cardinal Law got promoted because he was a good little soldier in covering up the criminal actions of priests who abused children.

And make no mistake, the actions of these priests were criminal under civil law and every single guilty priest deserves a trial, a conviction, and a cellmate named Bubba who wants his own personal prison bitch. There is much bitterness that the Archdiocese of Boston actually at one point was trying to argue "separation of Church and State" when the now-adult victims starting suing the shit out of the church. Yeah, the same assholes who are now trying to tell Catholics how to fucking vote.

Screw JPII. And screw his church. He did a lot of fucking damage to everyday Catholics.

I hope his god is merciful when he goes to meet him, because from where I sit he has a lot to fucking answer for.

I'm sorry if this upsets the Catholics on my FList, but there it is. But in talking to Mom last night, she mentioned that if the Catholic Church disappeared tomorrow, this would not be a bad thing. My Mom. The lifelong Catholic. Who can count several nuns in her family. The same mother who now no longer goes to church even on holidays.

And yeah, she's one of those people the Pope said is in the fastlane to hell because she got divorced and remarried.

So really, the wall-to-wall pope-love is pissing me the hell off because I don't even have to swing a dead cat before I find some who's been hurt by this asshole's policies.

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