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Kitchen Confidential, Water progress, and prezzies!

First, some cool news:

Courtesy of aaalex55 on my FList, I got a link to a cool set report for Kitchen Confidential. It's from someone who's an intern "in the biz," is not familiar with most of the cast members, and is not a raving fenboi or fengrl. The judgement? Really, really good. Funny script. Great directing. Shot on two 35 mm cameras (meaning no live audience and probably no laugh track), and definitely in the spirit of the book. It's a short set report, but definitely positive. The comments have some additional information on it.

A friend of mine has a theory on the Kitchen Confidential casting: Whoever cast this puppy has a thing for cult television shows and underappreciated actors who toiled on them, because, fengrling aside, that is one hell of a cast they've got on that show. Here's hoping FOX treats it right and all of the ensemble cast lands regular employment for at least a few years.

Secondly, on the personal front:


Worked a shift at Borders yesterday to help out with the inventory they'll be taking tonight. Mostly, I was yanking mass markets from the overstock and boxing them so it'll be easier for the inventory people to count the books. This meant crawling on the floor, loading boxes, moving boxes, waiting on customers (rainy cold Saturday in New England...need I say more), and mentally wondering just how many crapola books there are based on roleplaying games.

So, I'm a little sore and tired today, mostly because I ended up doing it for almost nine hours instead for five like originally schedule. And can I just repeat...OW!

At any rate, one good thing about doing bull-type work is you get to think and I finally figured out how to use the next scene in Water Hold Me Down to tie it into a lovely scene that appears near the end of the story. I desperately don't want to lose it, because it says a lot about Xander's state of mind in the days after he gets back without actually getting into his head. I was prepared to axe it completely, but then the post-coital fight between Xander and other-Anya started humming its way through my head yesterday.

We'll see if it works as well in print as it does in my head, because I'm still prepapred to kill my baby if I have to.

The other bad thing about being a full-on writing fit is in the past week or two, I've gotten some lovely email from people on my FList and off thanking me for writing. *blush*

Think you have that backwayrds. Thank you guys for reading. I have no idea what prompted several people to suddenly send me private love, but it had me walking on air.

Then I do what I always do in this case: I'm speechless. I want to write back a thoughtful response to such generous email. I close the message and set it aside so I can do more than dribble a "thank you, you've made my day," and then I get lost in writing the next chapter of whatever I'm working on. *headdesk*

And I'm still at a loss for words.

Oh, which brings me to this: Thank you everyone who voted in the SunnyD Memorial Awards!

And especially congrats to everyone on my FList that got one of these (such as nwhepcat, bastardsnow, and keith5by5). If I left anyone off, please shout!



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