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Frank Langella? FRANK LANGELLA?!? And a "Christian Telephone Company" wants to destroy teh ebol gayz

Okay, this is too fucking funny, because this...

Whoever is casting for Kitchen Confidential obviously has a thing for cult television and movies.

Frank Langella, he of the sexy Dracula fame is apparantly in the Kitchen Confidential pilot. The focus is the fact he's been cast as Perry White in the Superman Returns movie, but the information is tucked in there.

Yeah, you read that right.

Frank. Langella.

Jay-zus, aaalex55, where the hell do you find this stuff to tell the rest of us? Because that article is so random.

And from Jesus' General:

Some telemarketing firm for a 'Christian' telephone company is informing people that AT&T is a hard-core porn peddler; MCI is a purveyor of child pornography; and Verizon is the choice of homosexuals everywhere, and that by dumping the big telcos and going for their little Christian outfit, they will crush gays everywhere.

Well, clearly "Eugene" is leading this sweet li'l southern girl down the primerose path. She really should have been suspicious about that and asked if she was being recorded (beware, MP3 conversation may be offensive to some) for America's Stupidest Telemarketers or something similar.

I'm sure he has no idea how his little conversation ended up on Air America.

Yeah, today is very weird.

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