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Music from the Cube: What Am I Listening to Today? Why, it's TOM LEHRER! YAY!

Something special for a rainy, grey, Hump Day in Spring (sort of if you're in New England).

Ahhhh, spring is here, spring is here!
Life is skittles and life is beer!

And if you don't know the song these lines introduce, it's time for you to get to know Tom Lehrer over our Blue Plate Special.

Tom Lehrer, The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rating=$$$$$
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How I Got This CD: Bought new five years ago.

What? You've never heard of Tom Lehrer. Oh, you po' deprived person you! Sit down. No, not on that chair. The other chair. No! Not my favorite chair. This chair.


If you look at the pitiful number of albums Tom Lehrer release over a roughly 12 year period (a grand total of six), you might wonder just why this guy is all that.

Two words: Masochism Tango

Not convinced?

Five words: Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

Which only goes to show, it's not quantity, it's quality. Lehrer's hummable, memmorable tunes seem not to have aged at all. Trust me, soon you'll be signing at the top of your lungs about doing in a squirrel or two while poisoning pigeons in the park to celebrate spring.

Or maybe it's just me.

Dude, I just can't explain it to you. You have to listen, 'kay?

These selections are taken from a 2000 Rhino compilation (have I mentioned that I love Rhino?) called The Remains of Tom Lehrer, a must-have collection that includes Songs by Tom Lehrer, More of Tom Lehrer, Tom Lehrer Revised, An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer, and That Was the Year that Was, as well as several random recording sessions.

Even though the collection is a mere 3 CDs, you'll notice I'm bending my own rules of only pulling one song per CD because 1) It's a salute to Tom Lehrer, damnit; 2) Reason #1 is an excuse for "I can't just choose one, damn it!"

But before you get to the tunes, make sure you listen to Lehrer's CV direct from the horse's mouth. (I still find it hilarious Lehrer mentioned that his ultimate dream was doing a musical based on the life of Adolf Hitler a full eight years before Mel Books made The Producers with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel.)

From Songs by Tom Lehrer: The Irish Ballad (Yup. This sounds about right.)

From More of Tom Lehrer: We Will All Go Together When We Go (Would be nice if everyone remembered that this was very, very true.)

From Recent Recordings: I Got It From Agnes (1997) (Heeeee, my mind goes to scary places with this song.)

From Tom Lehrer Revisted: I Wanna Go Back to Dixie (Live) (Proof that the Blue State vs. Red State thing has a loooooooong history, and that our opinions of one another hasn't changed one little bit.)

From An Eventing Wasted With Tom Lehrer: It Makes a Fellow Proud To Be a Soldier (Live) (The scary thing is, my dad's stories about his time in the Air Force during the early 1960s are almost word-for-word similar.)

From That Was the Week That Was: Alma (Live) (Can I have her obituary?)

From the Richard Haymann Sessions: The Hunting Song (A.K.A., when animals can shoot back...)

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