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De-spamming: Whisper is now cleared off Flist....

I blame the dopiness of allergies.

I finally figured out how to properly backdate entries, so you'll notice that Whisper is now off your current FList. (YAY). It is, however, in memories and all organized. The only thing you should see in my recent entries and on your FList is this entry and my Whisper pre-show entry.

Again, I apologize to people I've annoyed.

Also, my allergies have eaten my brain. Turns out that I'm not tied up in RL crap that requires me to leave town this week, but two weeks from now. However, I still have RL crap up to my eyeballs to deal with. Hopefully I'll be able to sneak over to BFF and second some stories (joining the party late, I know), but I'm going to try.

At any rate, here's the index of puppies saved from The Pit of Voles

  • Revelations (First published: November 16, 2002; Last chpater published: November 22, 2002)
    Summary: What if Willow’s magic blast in 'Grave' had long-lasting consequences for Xander? Story is told from the POV of Faith, Buffy, Willow, Spike, and Giles. AU, takes place right after 'Storyteller' but before 'Lies My Parents Told Me.' Serves as a stepping off point for a Post-S7 AU series featuring Xander and Faith called Where Fools Go that is in indefinite limbo.

  • Whisper (First published: Jarnuary 13, 2003; Last chapter published: April 29, 2003)
    Summary: A demon is stalking the streets of Sunnydale and driving the residents into horrific public displays of suicide. The key to solving the mystery is locked in the mind of one Scoob, who is unable to remember a part of his troubled past. First in a series of stories that include Living History, Water Hold Me Down, and No Myth.

  • Dismay (First published: June 26, 2003)
    Summary: Xander deals with aftermath of a one-night stand by talking to the only person who might be willing to listen, and he’s not even sure about that. Post S7.

  • Mars Rising (First published: August 27, 2003)
    Summary: Xander considers the astronomical event of Mars passing and its impact on his life. Takes place three months after ‘Chosen.’ Character study, slight AU, stand-alone story.

Glad it's all cleared up now. *wipes brow*

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