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Heee! TAR and 'Kitchen Confidential' and 'Bones' first pictures...

Okay, so Rob and Amber didn't win, but came in a very respectable second and they were gracious in defeat.

Besides, hard to beat the heart-warming story of Uchena and Joyce...mugged at the NEL and coming in first.

Overall, I am please with the result.

And a treat for people looking forward to Kitchen Confidential...

ETA: Added Bones with DB...

Geek pinup time!

Kitchen Confidential with NB, looking very un-Xander-like...

Rumor has it that Kitchen Confidential has already gotten the greenlight, but I can't seem to find confirmation anywhere.

Also, Bones with DB. Weird seeing him in sunlight.

Click on either picture for the full rundown on the pilots. You'll have to scroll down to get the skinny.

There are chef pants involved! We may have to fan nwhepcat if this show makes the air. Given all the good press this one is getting (Even Boudrain is reportedly pleased...given that I've read the book, makes me wonder what the show is like) good shot we may get to see this come fall.

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