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More pictures from Kitchen Confidential and Bones....

Big thanks to aaalex55 for pointing this out.

I'll just stick to the Buffyverse pictures. If you want more information and pictures, click on the images below to link:

KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL: Jack (Bradley Cooper, L) lays down the law to Seth (Nicholas Brendon, C) and Steven (Owain Yeoman, R) about how the kitchen should be run in KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, the new half-hour comedy premiering on FOX. ™ ©2005 FOX BROADCASTING COMPANY. Cr: Michael Desmond/FOX.

BONES: When law enforcement calls upon Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) and her team of scientists to assist with murder investigations, she often finds herself teamed up with Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz, R) a former Army Ranger whose mistrust of science and scientists leads them to clash both professionally and personally, making them the perfect choice to solve the toughest cases together in the new one-hour drama BONES, premiering on FOX. ™ ©2005 FOX BROADCASTING COMPANY. Cr: Ron Eisenberg/FOX.

For a full round-up of FOX pilots and additional pictures, (including Tim Minear's The Inside with Adam Baldwin), go here.

Truthfully, of the three, I think Kitchen Confidential and The Inside look better than Bones. DB's role sounds a little bit like Mulder/Scully in reverse. I mean, seriously. An FBI agent that doesn't trust science? Oooookay then. Having never read the mystery novels on which this series is based, can someone tell me if this character exists in the books and whether he actually works as a character?

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