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Short and Sweet...


Up to part 50 can be found here

Continued from here

This is not going well at all.

Funny the things that go through your head while a dirt monster dribbles your head like a basketball.

Nope. Definitely not well, Buffy thought as she managed to squirm away, woozily retreating to the relative safety of three feet away.

Susan flew past her, airborne with a look of resignation on her face until she smacked into a tree.

Buffy incongruously giggled at the sight as the birdies twittering around her own head began singing in harmony with the birdies circling Susan’s. She stumbled over to the younger woman, tripped, and fell across the prone Slayer.

“I changed me mind,” Susan mumbled. “Bring on snake.”

Buffy shook her head and forced her scrambled brains into coherence. No one expected the dirt guards to show up so fast. She figured there’d be a little breaking free of the ground a la new vampire, a little time to orient everyone so they can pick their targets.

But nooooooooo. Robin gives the sign, slams the door shut, and these guys just appear from thin air and go nuts.

How embarrassing. She’s getting trounced by things made of dirt. Her street cred was going down. She could just see it now. Fighting a vampire and getting taunted by the ugly bumpy about not being willing to get down and dirty.

She was sooooo going to kill Xander for this. Dead. The deadest guy in deadonia by the time she was through with him.

Giles huffed up to her, eyeglasses skewed, and immediately dropped down to check both hers and Susan’s status.

“I’m fine, I think,” Buffy said as she slapped him away. “Susan’s…”

“Better,” the other Slayer shook her head and opened her eyes wide as she worked her jaw. “This Slayer healing is the shit.”

“Glad you like it,” Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Now that you’re back, we have a significant problem,” Giles said.

“Bigger than the one we got now? I can’t wait,” Buffy deadpanned.

“Our friends are heading for the crypt,” Giles pointed out with a toss of his head. “Look.”

Buffy vaulted to her feet and turned around in time to see the dirt thingies edging their way through the fighting Slayers. All of them were converging on one point. How the hell do they know? Buffy wondered as reality registered.

“Oh crap!” Buffy yelled. “Guys! They’re going after the other team!”

“No shit!” Kennedy yelled back. “A hand over here would be really good right now!”

Buffy was off and running to Kennedy’s aid. “KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THAT CRYPT!”

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