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Damn, why isn't Blue October a better-known band?

Can someone out there explain to me why, oh why, Texas-based Blue October is not on my radio? I mean seriously. Of course, I also wonder this about Averi. Although, between the two, Blue October is the superior band.

I am naturally sad that I can share any tracks, as the band specifically asks that we don't right on the CD. I can see why they'd ask, but it does bum me out because I, thanks to the one track I did get my hands on (an illegally DL MP3), Balance Beam from Consent to Treatment (which wound up on my Ultimate Mary Sue Soundtrack as the mislabled Fairytale) resulted in:

  • Telling me this band existed
  • Led me to finding out more about this band
  • Led me to listening to snippets of their stuff on AllMusic
  • Led me to buying all three of their CDs

Okay, all three were used and I picked up Consent to Treatment and History for Sale for something like $7 total, but I did pay more for the live CD Argue with a Tree for $14.

Totally worth buying new, btw. Right now, I've got History for Sale on repeat play at work. Really, really good stuff here. I suspect Consent to Treatment and Argue with a Tree will get the same treatment when I finally get the CDs in my hands.

But *whines* I really would like to share a track from the album. But this is a small indie band that's asking us nicely not to, so I kinda feel obligated to follow the band's wishes.

I do think they're shooting themselves in the foot by not at least offering the option of free MP3 downloads and outtakes so people can link and get a taste.

The good news is that the Comcast, Cox, Adelphia, and Charter Cable cable systems will give you a Blue October concert for FREE from June 10 to July 7. As I have RCN, I won't be getting it. But if you're on these systems, check them out. They'll be in the free Video-On-Demand category under the music section.

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