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Arrested Development/Kitchen Confidential pairing

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This slays me in a way that makes me giddy.

I've only managed to catch a few episodes of Arrested Development because FOX keeps doing the schedule cha-cha. They've decided to put it on Monday night (no chance of it competing with my beloeved TAR). Arrested Development leads in on Monday at 8 p.m. followed by Kitchen Confidential at 8:30 p.m. starting this fall.

*does jig*


Bones is slated for Tuesday at 8 p.m. followed by House at 9 p.m. Now I admit, I don't watch House because, you know, TAR. TAR wins and will always win, just sayin'. Plus, I'm extremely picky about taping shows since I often wind up not watching them for months. The way I figure it, at that rate I might as well get the DVDs from Netflix. Still, I'm happy because Bones has the potential to lead in to TAR for me.

It's all good.

Here's the FOX schedule

I've been basically running ragged for the past few days due to a business trip. I know several people have tagged me on the books and movie meme, so I promise I'll get to it tomorrow.

This weekend, I'm tied up with finishng my audiography mix swap.

And finally, have I ever mentioned how much I adore writing Giles? No. Really. I do. I always make it a point to do a little salute to Giles in all my longer stories. Water is totally no different.

ETA: I just realized that Alyson Hannigan's show, How I Met Your Mother and Nicholas Brendon's show Kitchen Confidential are competing on Monday's at 8:30 p.m. AH's show wasn't thrilling me to begin with, so zero loss and zero temptation to switch over. And I like Neil Patrick Harris and I wasn't even tempted with AH's show.

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