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I Need to Check My Yahoo Mail More Often...Nominations

I'm such a terrible geek. And I obsessively organize all things computer-y.

At this point in my life, I have (counts on fingers) six email accounts.

  • I have a Google account just for LJ responses
  • I have a Google account just for shifting large files around and some personal correspondence
  • I have a Google account just for music sharing business so it doesn't clutter up my other Google accounts
  • I have a paid Verizon account that used to be used for LJ, but I discovered that Verizon deletes anything more than 30 days old, hence the new Google account for LJ
  • I have a Hotmail account that was used during my last job search, but it's now practically unusable because of the junk mail. It's pretty much now used to track my Netflix stuff and any online orders. And by the way, Hotmail sucks at filtering spam.
  • I have a Yahoo account because I'm a member of some Yahoo Groups. I mostly use that for responses from the Pit of Voles and some personal correspondence.

I'm really bad at checking the Yahoo account. Amazingly bad. Horribly bad.

ponders_life told me at her fabulous Memorial Day cookout (which wasn't so much a cookout as a cook in on account of the threat of rain and some suspcious-looking lightening, but still a good time had by all) that I really need to start checking that since I've been up for some awards. Needless to say, I was completely unaware because Yahoo and Hotmail are all but a dead accounts for me at this point. I check in on both just often enough to prevent them from expiring.

So, yeah, I was up for a few awards, didn't get them, but I was a dumbkoff and didn't know it. But it was nice to be noiminated just the same. *grins*

Then I get a message in my Google account. So I decided to check up and, YAY! Up for awards!

Thank you to whomever nominated me. Thank you very much. *grins*

Shadows and Dust Fanfiction Awards

Portal Award - Best Character History: Cuckoo in the Nest

Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards

Best Author

White Knight Awards

Overall Author
The 'Perspective Guy' Award - Characterization: Contrite Spirits
The Epic Fic Award (20 Chapters or more): Living History
The Drama Fic Award: Whisper (now completely uploaded to I Need A Parrot)
The Unfinished Fic Award: Water Hold Me Down, which should be shared with nwhepcat since I'm writing it in response to her birthday challenge back in November.

Thank you everyone for nominating me. And also congrats to everyone on my FList who were also nominated for these awards (too many to count at this point). I'm not sure what makes me more happy, the fact I was nominated, or the fact that a lot of you are already on my Flist.

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