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Don't forget to vote in my poll asking whether I should post my 36-song, 2-CD Xander in Africa set (mostly world music) within the next week without fanfiction notes, or if I should hold off and actually write the notes before posting.

A Handful of Fic Recs

First, you really need to check this out:

The Right Technology: ffutures is giving us a crackstastic WiP that keeps me in stitches. It's Wallace & Gromit meets Xander, Giles, Robin, and Vi. And he introduced the bestest evah new cast member yesterday! I mean, how can you resist? Wallace decides he's going to build Xander a new eye (without asking, natch). Gromit is trying to keep damage to a minimum. Xander, Giles, Robin, and Vi are pretty sure the local inventor/window washer/cheese expert is a demon. And a new threat has moved into town. Go and get your giggles today!

Here are some authors with smaller FLists because they only recently joined LJ and some WiPs that you may not be aware of but should check out:

lwbush, best known as a Buffy/Xander writer, has finally given in to teh evol allure of LJ. Having met her a couple of times, I can also vouch that she's a lot of fun to hang with. Right now, she's working on a fairly dark piece that's more Buffy and Xander (although I suspect the Buffy/Xander aspect will eventually come into play). The set-up story is How to be Dead, in which a pregnant Buffy, on an "easy assignment" watching supernatural creatures in Atlanta, runs into Xander years after they've lost touch. She discovers fairly quickly that Xander is now a stranger and that the Council and circumstances have exploited him as much as any Slayer had been exploited when there was only One. There is a lot of exposition in this story, but she's got to set the scene for her WiP follow-up, Easy to be Hard. Easy picks up after Buffy rashly takes a stand on Xander's status with the Council and takes him on as her Watcher. She learns in very short order that she just may have bitten off more than she can chew.

naol is working on several fics right now, but the one I'm actually following (sorry! I can only follow so much, dude!) is Wicked. On the surface it looks and acts like a PWP featuring Willow and Xander more than a year Post-'Chosen' in Rio. However, if you pay attention to some the details, there's a mystery going on underneath. A mystery with an awful lot of smut, true. To be honest, I'm less interested in the smut and could, in fact, do just fine with less. I'm far more interested in trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Willow is the ultimate in unrealiable narrator, and there's something definitely fishy going on with Xander. This is a case of, "Pay no attention to the surface, there's something a hell of a lot darker lurking here."

bellatemple is creeping my shit out with The Mercy Seat. Xander has been found inside the collapsed Sunnydale Hellmouth after he'd been missing for at least a year. One small problem: the last memory Xander had before waking up inside the crater dates to three years ago. And that, folks, is what we call a problem.

ETA: I should be shot for forgetting married_n_mich's Faith-centric Changes. It's the third story in a series (latest part is is here), that I think you can find here. I haven't read the earlier stories, btw.

Sorry to keep the rec list so short guys! But I wanted to keep it to new LJers who just joined and still have teeny FLists as of yet. Plus, I wanted to rec WiPs I've actually had time to read. Otherwise, the list would include nwhepcat and othercat (And how creepy is that? I've got two Xander-centric Cat fanfic writers on my Flist, one who writes mostly het and one who writes mostly Slash. Sorry. Just struck me hella funny. Need more coffee) as well as a more of you.

If You Wanna Pimp You!
And finally, a big shout-out to fanfic writers on my Flist:

If you're looking to pimp yourself or to remind people you have an update, you've got options:

su_herald asks that when you post a fic or a fic update, please email them to let them know so they can provide a link to your journal. They've got more than 600 readers there, so it's a good way to attract new people.

You can also post fic announcements here:
futureverse (for post-'Chosen' stories only for BtVS; post-'Never Fade Away' for AtS)

If anyone knows of any other general LJ groups where writers can post announcements for new BtVS/AtS fics or updates, please point to it in the comments. You'd be helping me and your fellow fic'cers.

In addition, there are a lot character-specific and ship-specific LJ groups that allow you to post fic updates. Be sure to look around and investigate those options as well.

Because I'm a Concrit slut
Reading around another LJs, I just found out about club_joss, an LJ group that offers concrit for all Jossverse based fics. Interesting. And it looks new. Go check it out. I suspect that quality fics will probably be rec'ced there, so it might be a good source for finding new authors.

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